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How We Do It

We focus on advanced life sciences research, discovery, process development, fermentation, bioreactions, and biomanufacturing with a relentless, innovative, pioneering spirit.

Emerald BioAgriculture’s success is rooted in listening to our many extraordinary human connections, partners, and customers. We are focused on solving problems and finding answers that are beneficial and sustainable, locally and globally. Our growth is fueled by research, discovery, and development through fermentation, bioreactions, and biomanufacturing that increase production yields and eliminate waste.

We use cell engineering and specialized fermentation with the ability to recreate and transfer complex natural chemistries into efficient cells engineered to produce biomaterials, agricultural products, food ingredients, and pharmaceuticals. We continue to provide new specialized products to help people and markets prosper with a first-response, action-oriented approach to customer and societal needs, and a focus on future global changes and challenges.

Who We Are

What We Do