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What We Do

We create safe, sustainable, scalable biology-based life science solutions that enhance the environment, improve people’s lives, support a growing population, and contribute to the success of our partners and customers.

Emerald BioAgriculture works with nature’s gifts to improve life, and to protect, preserve, and increase nature’s bounty. We enhance plant life at a cellular level with specially-formulated bionutrient products that unlock a plant’s full potential. We provide products to help plants more efficiently use available nutrients, products that help plants to extract more nutrients from the soil, improve nutrient absorption and utilization and help protect, preserve and enhance the environment.

Our products are safe, scalable, and sustainable, and they are designed to work with nature to improve plant growth and development.

Our global reach continues to expand with Emerald BioAgriculture companies currently located in North America, South America, and Europe.

We want to play a key role in shaping a new future with high-quality, healthy bioengineered products and processes that help people and nature prosper.

Who We Are

How We Do It