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Who We Are

We are a diversified team with one mission:

Optimize nature’s gifts and create safe, scalable, sustainable products and solutions that meet the needs of our partners, customers and a growing global society.

Emerald BioAgriculture uses advanced biomanufacturing processes to enhance plant, animal and human health, providing an array of specialized biology-based products and solutions to a variety of end-use markets worldwide. Our diverse group of companies utilize inventive biology-based technologies to provide advancements in biochemistry, microbials, enzymes, amino acids, peptides, and nutrients.

Today, our team of talented and diverse colleagues work around the globe. We have start-to-finish capabilities in product development – from discovery and enzyme engineering to cell design and scale-up manufacturing process development. We have the ability to take a process-driven, systems-level approach to solving complex biological problems.


Our offices are located in Kennett Square, PA and Guadalajara, Mexico, with life sciences labs in Smyrna, GA, and R&D labs located near Bartow, FL. Our biomanufacturing facilities are located in North America and South America.

We work to build a healthy, prosperous society by offering safe and effective products, processes, and solutions that enhance our environment and improve life. Our story began over 25 years ago, when developments in bioengineering and agriculture were accelerating to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


Today, our story powers forward into an exciting future with increased investment in research and development of new life science products.

We continue to expand and diversify our product offerings of nutrients and protectants for plant and animal health, human health and lifestyle products, and new ingredients for food and beverage.

What We Do

How We Do It